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About Hazina Afrika

Hazina Afrika is a Tanzania specialist tour operator focused on creating extraordinary journeys that immerse clients in the heart of the natural world. The Hazina Afrika team have current, on-the-ground knowledge and have all lived, guided or explored extensively the destinations where we operate. We craft itineraries using a selection of handpicked camps and lodges to create private, tailor-made safaris that put our clients in the right place at the right time for an unforgettable safari experience. We welcome you to contact our team about any questions on planning a safari or to obtain a sample itinerary to get you started on your African journey!

We are fully registered with Tanzania Tourist Board, member of the Interpretative Guides’ Society.

What does Hazina Afrika means?

“Hazina Afrika” is a Swahili phrase that translates to “Treasure Africa” in English. Swahili is a Bantu language widely spoken in East Africa, and it is often used as a lingua franca in the region. The phrase “Hazina Afrika” reflects the importance and value of the African continent, its culture, resources, and potential. It is a positive and uplifting expression that encourages appreciation and recognition of Africa’s rich heritage and diverse contributions to the world.

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Because at Hazina Afrika we make your trip to Africa simple, safe and stress-free so you can focus on enjoying your vacation and all that Tanzania has to offer whether it’s a Serengeti safari or a Kilimanjaro trek, we will take care of all of the details.

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Hazina Afrika prides itself on exceptional service from the moment you contact us to until you board your plane to head home. We understand that travelling to a new and different destination may seem complicated and daunting and we make it easy.

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For those of you who have never travelled to Africa or Tanzania, I am sure you have many questions and concerns about safety, health, language, logistics, etc. and we are here to answer all of your questions and help you design an itinerary tailored to your interests. We will help you prepare for your trip and once you arrive in Tanzania, we will greet you at the airport to begin your African adventure.

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