Women Join Group – Tanzania Safari

Professional Women Join Group

4 main reason why do we (women) travel?
We travel to experience.
We travel to challenge ourselves.
We travel to seek…and find.
We travel to support.

At Hazina Afrika we believe,

Whether solo or together with friends, our mothers, our sisters, our sisters-from-another-mothers, or a complete stranger, to travel offers us a unique opportunity to step outside of ourselves and experience the way others live.

Travelling offers us a challenge to push our personal boundaries, step outside that which is comfortable and open our minds to the unfamiliar.

Travelling offers the opportunity to support, each other, our communities and our world.

With Hazina Afrika we offer you the opportunity to do all of these things in one great African adventure (below should be four boxes or four links)

(Safari, Hadzabe, Maasai boma)

(yoga retreat, Hiking,  Cycling activities)

(Visit women’s’ projects/Shanga etc.)

We, Hazina Afrika, invite you to discover the hidden treasures of the wild content…Afrika. Karibuni sana. Your adventure awaits you.