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Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking

Mount Kilimanjaro, standing at 5,895 metres, is indeed the Roof of Africa. It is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and highest peak on the African continent and yet its summit is accessible by most well-prepared trekkers with a good level of fitness. Six routes up to the summit will take a climber through four ecological zones and breathtaking scenery from the lush montane forest to the scrub covered moorlands to the rocky alpine desert and finally onto the barren summit of snow and ice.

An example of a typical seven day trek up Kilimanjaro on the popular Machame route:

Day 1 - Montane ForestDay 1:

After breakfast at your Arusha hotel, you will be transferred by vehicle to Machame Gate, the starting point of your Kilimanjaro climb. After checking in and registering at the park gate and once your guide and crew have finalized organizing your gear and supplies, you start your climb midday. Lunch will be on the trail. Today's hike will take you through lush montane forest, abundant with birdlife, to Machame Camp for your first night.

Day 2 - Shira Plateau

DAY 2:

Today you will hike from Machame Camp up to Shira Plateau and then onto Shira Camp for your second night. The first leg of the hike will be relatively steep as you quickly gain altitude and climb out of the montane forest and onto the moorlands dominated by scrub and heather. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the trail taking in the scenery. As you hike along Shira Plateau enjoy the endless vistas until you reach Shira Camp. As the sun sets, the temperature will drop quickly, so dress warmly this evening.

Day 3 - Alpine DesertDay 3:

A great acclimatization day which follows the climber’s adage “climb high, sleep low”. From Shira Camp you’ll ascend onto rocky terrain of the alpine desert and if you are feeling strong attempt hiking up to the striking Lava Tower before quickly descending back down to Barranco Valley where you will encounter the bizarre-looking Giant Groundsel. Lunch again will be on the trail. This will be a long day and may find yourself suffering mild symptoms of altitude sickness as you reach an elevation of 4,600 metres at Lava Tower but it is a great acclimatization day and will help you on your summit day. Stay overnight at Barranco Valley Camp.


Day 4 - Barranco Valley CampDay 4:

From Barranco Valley, you ascend the Barranco Wall, aka “Breakfast Wall,” as it is commonly referred to as it is scaled shortly after breakfast. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of the Wall and then hike through the glacial valleys to Karanga Valley Camp. The hike from Barranco Valley to Karanga Valley is relatively short but steep and today’s lunch will be ready for you when you arrive at Karanga Camp. Take an opportunity to walk around with your guide in the afternoon and enjoy the incredible views of Kibo’s southern walls and glaciers. Stay overnight at Karanga Valley Camp.

Day 5 - Karanga ValleyDay 5:

Today is another half day hike ascending to Barafu Hut Camp. Again, short but steep and you’ll make it to Barafu Camp in time for lunch. The Camp is situated on a cold and barren rocky outcrop but the views of Mawenzi peak to the east are incredible. Enjoy an early dinner and rest up for the midnight ascent tonight. Stay overnight at Barafu Camp.

Day 6 - Glaciers at Kibo SummitDay 6:

Most people depart Barafu Hut just before midnight for the final summit bid. Dress warmly as the extreme cold and wind can quickly drain your strength. Mental and physical strength along with patience and persistence will see you to the summit by dawn. Once you arrive at Stella Point it is just a little further to Uhuru Peak, the Roof of Africa. After your gruelling climb to the summit, it is not over yet - it is now time to turn around and head back to Barafu Hut Camp for a quick rest and lunch then back on the trail for a downhill trek to Mweka Camp. Stay overnight at Mweka Campsite.

Day 7:

After breakfast you descend down the remainder of the mountain passing through rainforest and, around midday you arrive at Mweka Gate and after checking out, you will present your tips to your guide and crew and say farewell. You will be picked up for a transfer back to your Arusha hotel for a well deserved shower and rest.

Please note that this is an example of a climb up Kilimanjaro using the Machame Route. Additional routes ascending Kilimanjaro include Marangu, Shira, Lemosho, Rongai, and Umbwe, and the number of days vary depending on each route.

Check out our Kilimanjaro FAQ section of our website for further information on planning a Kilimanjaro climb with Hazina Afrika.


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